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Product Description

Estimated lead time to ship:

Olive Brown 30D Silnylon: 1 week

Evergreen 30D Silnylon: 2 weeks

Olive Brown 20D Silpoly: 1 week

Evergreen 20D Silpoly: 1 week

Bushwack Camo: under 1 week

For more information on choosing the right tarp and seam-sealing requirements check out our Tarps 101 page.


The Superfly pairs well any of our hammock models. Great for cold weather use or folks who want one tarp for all conditions and seasons. The SF is our largest tarp. It would be considered a “Winter” tarp or an “All-Season” tarp. As far as size and coverage goes, it’s equivalent to the MJ plus removable door kit. The only difference is that the doors of the SF are not removable, rather they’re built-in to the shape of the tarp. (the more frequently you use doors the more you’ll appreciate the convenience of having them permanently attached, the removable door kits available on the other models are better for occasional door usage) The doors of the Superfly can be folded underneath when not needed, this creates a shape almost identical to that of the MJ (an elongated Hex shape…plus doors).  The versatility, expansive coverage and convenient built-in doors make the Superfly a great tarp for any of our hammock models.  This is our most popular tarp.

Check out our “Basic tarp setup” video in our video section.

Includes: 2 ridgeline tieouts, 4 main ground corner tieouts, 4 door tieouts, 4 panel pull tieouts, stuffsac and a complementary tube of silicone for seam sealing (note: “tieouts” refers to the guyline attachment points, not the guyline itself which is not included. Tent stakes, guyline, and Dutchware tarp hardware sold separately in our accessories section.)


We are currently offering tarps in both Polyester and Nylon options (camo print available in Polyester ONLY).  The Polyester fabric is more stretch resistant and has lower water absorption, while the Nylon is a stronger more durable fabric. Both are good options, weights are similar for each. Both fabrics have a minimum 2000mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating.

68 reviews for Superfly

  1. 5 out of 5

    I’ve had this tarp for the year and have waited to review it until I put it to some good use. First, build quality is excellent and it is quite packable for a large tarp. All stitching and attachment points are top notch.

    I’ve used it in mild Florida weather a few times and it performed perfectly ( I don’t like to camp in FL heat so no reviews on hot weather performance). I just returned from a trip to Canada where I used this as a gear tarp in Algonquin Provincial Park while canoe camping. The mornings were very misty and their was dew covering pretty much everything except for our gear under my Superfly!

    I ask used it for a night up near Tobermory on the Bruce Trail. Temp got down to 50 degrees and it was foggy and rained fairly hard. I was hanging above a tent platform and had to get creative to secure the tarp. It kept me dry, my gear, hammock, underlying dry, as well as a few feet of the platform so I could get dressed in the morning without soaking up water through my socks!

    Tarp dries out quickly in the sun, but I had to pack it up wet a few times and dry it out later during lunch. I’ll definitely be buying one of the smaller tarps for hotter and fair weather camping.

  2. 5 out of 5

    Excellent tarp! Very roomy. Doors are great at keeping out the wind! Not a drip!

  3. 5 out of 5

    Yep…AT….on ridge due to brilliant camp restoration below (dummy). Thunderstorm all night. I wore my raingear in my hammock just knowing that the tarp would blow away. It didnt. My tie outs leaked because I didnt use a flowable silicon seal…but they just dripped and didnt get on me. I was dry all night my pack stayed dry under my hammock….I think I have put it through it s paces enough to trust that this is a great shelter. Love the doors for privacy and keep the wind off. I have put new sealant on and no more drips.

  4. 5 out of 5

    This fly is super! Seriously, this rain fly is fantastic. Lots of configuration, the material and craftsmanship is great, and tons of room with the optional tarp pole kit. Not to mention the response from the WB team is outstanding. I’ve compared specs and price on several tarps. This can’t be beat for the value. I’ve also reached out to other vendors without being contacted. I feel very confident in recommending this tarp and the WB team. Happy hanging.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Three years of all season use and this tarp is still my go to. Through wind, rain and snow this tarp gives you the protection and privacy of a tent without the weight. I am a pro at destroying nice things but my superfly remains unscathed, not even a loose thread or small tear to speak of!

    I can’t even think of one bad thing about this product it’s everything I need it to be.

  6. 5 out of 5

    I’ve had my superfly for over 2 years, and used it with both the blackbird XLC and a ground-based setup (suspended my tent using the guy line to eliminate the need to carry poles). Either way the tarp works great. There are so many different config options with a tarp, wide open on hot days, a porch on the downwind side, or fully closed for maximum wind protection. There may be equivalent products out there, but I haven’t found anything that is higher quality than this tarp. Oh, and besides being all but bullet-proof, it also weighs next to nothing. I’ve been hiking/camping for over 30 years and never owned any product this awesome. If you’re thinking about a tarp, just buy this one right now, you will not regret it.

  7. 5 out of 5

    I spent the night overlooking Lake Superior with a gorgeous view of Split Rock Lighthouse in March . . . in Minnesota. It was very warm for March but still got down to 39 degrees. The wind coming off the lake was a factor and I was really worried that I would freeze but once I got the Superfly up I crawled into the hammock and felt almost no breeze. The wind kept up all night but I slept like a baby.

    Great tarp.

  8. 5 out of 5

    I was in my Superfly one night on the AT during one of the worst thunderstorms I have ever camped in and stayed bone dry.

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