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“I seem to always choose the Warbonnet Blackbird for my go-to hammock of choice. Heck I even have the Warbonnet strung up in my spare room for my off-season hanging.

I also use the Blackbird for short naps and find myself going there more often than heading to my Tempurpedic King… I live with chronic back pain and find hours of relief after laying in the Warbonnet.

So, to anyone reading this…believe you me…for ease of use, setup, and comfort the Warbonnet Blackbird is my tool of choice.”


“I’ve slept in darn near every commercially available camping hammock and I own one, or more, of most of them. The Blackbird is without a doubt the most comfortable, well-constructed, and convenient one of them all. I love my Birds! I say convenient because of that addictive shelf you have built into the design; no more loose items rolling around my hammock. It’s even strong enough and large enough to hold my hiking boots! Very flat and very stylish. When we camp in high-use areas and there are other hammock campers present, they always come over to see our rigs. The last time I told you I didn’t think you could build a better hammock; you came out with these Blackbirds. So, while I’m hesitant to be proven wrong (yet again), I don’t think you could improve this hammock beyond what it already is currently. Go ahead, prove me wrong! Great job and I wish you the best of luck.”

–Kris M.

“I own both your 3-Season and Winter versions of the Yeti. The 3-Season lives on my hammocks during all but the coldest months. Out here in Colorado, I need thermal protection below me pretty much year-round. The 3-Season Yeti allows such wonderful venting abilities that having it on the hammock during one of the odd warm nights in the mountains isn’t a problem. I just reach out and tug the whole quilt up towards my head a little and presto: nice cool air flows in. The suspension you’ve created for them is pretty cool. I can’t believe how well it seals around me. This has allowed me to go to a recorded temp of -17F while staying very comfortable using the Winter Yeti. I throw my pack under my legs in the hammock and I’ve got a great underquilt solution without the extra weight of a full-length quilt. Not to mention the fact that it packs down to a fraction of the size and weight of full-length quilts. The Yeti gives me the best solution for a backpacker wanting to keep the ounces to a minimum without having to sacrifice comfort in camp. What more could I ask for, besides a couple more Yetis? Thanks for yet another great product and it’s my favorite name for any piece of gear I own! LOL”