All gear should be thoroughly dried before any long term storage, this prevents mildew.

The hammocks can safely be stored long-term in their stuffsac as long as they are dry. Down quilts will need to be stored fully un-compressed in a dry place. Never leave your down items compressed for more than a day or so.

If washing any item, never use a top-load washing machine, especially with down products. A front loader or in the bathtub by hand is fine. When washing down products, it’s also important to never use detergent-soap. Only use soap specially made for down products, like our Grangers Down Wash Kit. Be sure to thoroughly rinse the item. This may take several rinses. The water should come out clean with no dirt or soap. The spin cycle of the front loader is fine. If washing by hand, never wring out the item. Start at one end and roll the item to squeeze out the water. Do this several times to get out as much as you can. You can then place the item in a top-load washer as long as you only put it through the spin cycle.

Place the item in the dryer on med-low heat and toss in several tennis balls or the Grangers dryer balls. It may take several hours to dry the quilt. The shell of the quilt will feel dry quickly, but if you feel “clumps” of down inside the shell, it means the down inside is still wet. It’s very important to dry the quilt until the down is dry and there are no more clumps.

Down items don’t need to be washed very often. If you use a topquilt a lot in a year, you might wash it once or twice. Washing will not only clean the quilt, but bring back lost loft. It’s also possible to give your quilt a boost, if it looks like it’s lost some loft, without washing it. Simply throw it in the dryer on med-low heat with some tennis balls and a wrung-out damp washcloth, no washing required.