To tighten the ridgeline, tighten your hammock suspension, and to loosen the ridgeline, loosen your hammock suspension.  A ridgeline that isn’t sagging or overly tight results from a suspension angle of approximately 30 degrees.

In cold weather, you need to protect the bottom of your hammock from wind exposure. A good wind block in windy conditions is crucial to allowing your underquilt to work properly.

To provide windblock to the hammock bottom you have 2 options:

Add an underquilt protector, seasonally as needed. This is a great option, and it upgrades your 3 season tarp to full winter coverage.

Another option is to use a full size tarp such as our Superfly. Folks going this route often have another smaller tarp for warmer weather.


Generally any standard-sized backpacking pad (20″ or 25″ width) will work regardless of thickness and length. 25″ width is recommended. In general the largest commercial camping pad that will be appropriate will be the size of the Exped downmat 9 LW, which is aprox. 77″x25″x3.5″.  Also keep in mind that in a hammock you need insulation, but no padding is needed so extra thick air mattresses are not necessary,  R-value and warmth are what are really important. Many will find the best luck letting a good percentage of the air out.  In general pads work quite well in bridge-style hammocks like our Ridgerunner but not so well in end gathered style hammocks like our XLC, Blackbird, and Eldorado…where underquilts are king.

Continuous loops: This option is not a fully useable suspension by itself. If selecting this option, the hammock comes with small Amsteel loops on the ends of the hammock that serve as anchor points for the attachment of just about any suspension type. Suspension weight: 7g

Webbing w/Buckles: This is a popular suspension option, if selected the hammock comes with a pair of 12′ polyester straps with simple to use buckles.  Intended to be used with a pair of carabiners, it’s easy to use and adjust with almost no learning curve. Suspension weight: 6.7oz, one pair of Warbonnet carabiners: 1.75oz.

Whoopies w/Dynaweave Straps:This option comes with Industry standard 6′ adjustable Amsteel whoopie slings hitched to the ends of your hammock, and a pair of 6′ Dynaweave tree straps. Our Dynaweave webbing is made from UHMWPE fiber which has the highest weight to strength ratio of any synthetic fiber available, the result is a full strength webbing that is much thinner and compact, weighing 1/3 the weight of our standard polyester webbing. Suspension weight: 2.35oz, One pair of Warbonnet FishHooks: 6g.

Becket suspension: Our longest suspension option (and lightest per foot), with 6′ of extra reach compared to our Buckle or Whoopie suspensions. Hammock comes with Amsteel continuous loops hitched on the hammock ends and a pair of 15′ Dynaweave straps. Suspension weight: 2.5oz, One pair of Warbonnet FishHooks: 6g.

The topcover (not to be confused with a topquilt which is similar to a sleeping bag)is an optional add-on accessory that goes with the XLC and Eldorado model hammocks, It does not replace a tarp, although it is water resistant like a sleeping bag or windbreaker is so it will shed light moisture. It is made of breathable fabric and comes with two built in vents in order to avoid condensation issues. The benefit of a topcover is that it will trap heat better than mosquito netting and will generally raise the interior hammock temperature to 5-10deg above the outside ambient air temperature. It works well in dry to mildly humid conditions. It does not handle condensation as well as the netting top, so in very cold and humid conditions the net top will perform better.

We have several different hammock models each having different features, a breakdown of the differences can be found partway down our Hammock 101 page.

All of our hammocks come with the stuff sack included and your choice of suspension. Recommended items are listed on each hammock page.


We recommend a 3 season tarp like our Minifly, Thunderfly, or Mountainfly. And then we recommend adding an underquilt protector in colder weather when a wind block is needed for the underside of the hammock.

Yes, an 11′ end gathered hammock hangs in a curve, so its only 112″ from end to end across the hammock’s ridgeline. An 11′ long tarp will have about 10″ of overlap at each end of the hammock.

All of our tarp models come with a single-ended stuff sack included.Recommended items are listed on each tarp page.


Our quilts are rated so that an “Average” sleeper will be warm enough to sleep down to the rated temperature, while a “Warm” sleeper may be able to take the same quilt 10-15 deg lower, while a “Cold” sleeper may fall 10-15 deg short of the same rating.

Temperature rating also assumes the quilt is protected from wind.


We do offer multi-item rebates and discounted blemished and first quality clearance items, which can all be found on our sale page.

Stock items: We offer a 30-day return-for-any-reason policy on all stock items. Buy-it, try-it, and if you don’t like it send it back for a full refund of the purchase price. Postage is non-refundable.

For all custom items we take returns within 30 days of shipment as well, but custom items will be charged a 20% restocking fee. So you will receive 80% of the purchase price. Postage is non-refundable.

Items must be returned to us in un-used, new condition. We will deduct some amount from the refund for any gear that smells used or is damaged in any way or otherwise cannot be re-sold as new.

More information can be found on our returns page and warranty page.

We do not have any retailers in the USA, but we do have several in Europe currently, email us for their contact info. We also have a great return policy for anyone not sure that hammocks are right for them.

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Be sure to read any included instructions that come with your items and watch the appropriate setup videos on our website, both these will give you lots of tips and tricks and important info that will greatly shorten the learning curve and make your first few hangs much easier and more enjoyable.