How do I know which model of hammock is right for me?
We have several different hammock models each having different features, a breakdown of the differences can be found partway down our Hammock 101 page.

What is included/not included with the hammock?
All of our hammocks come with the stuff sack included and your choice of suspension.
You’ll also want a pair of carabiners to hang all of our hammock models as well as 2 tent stakes for the Blackbird or Blackbird XLC.

*Carabiners and tent stakes are sold separately on our accessories page.

What is the topcover option for on the XLC hammock?
The topcover (not to be confused with a topquilt which is similar to a sleeping bag)is an optional add-on accessory that goes with the XLC hammock, It does not replace a tarp, although it is water resistant like a sleeping bag or windbreaker is so it will shed light moisture. It is made of breathable fabric in order to avoid condensation issues. The benefit of the Topcover is that it will trap heat much better than mosquito netting and will generally raise the interior hammock temperature to about 15deg above the outside ambient air temperature so it is very popular among those that do alot of cold weather camping.

What is the difference between the Whoopie suspension and Webbing/Buckle suspension?
Webbing and Buckle: This suspension option is convenient and user-friendly. If you’re a beginner or looking for easy set-up, this would be your best option.
Whoopies: This option is popular among folks who are looking to save a little on pack weight and bulk. They are 2oz lighter and about half the bulk of the webbing/buckle suspension. You’ll also notice less stretch with this option if you’re over 300lbs. Upgrade to the Whoopie suspension is an extra $10.

What is the largest pad that will fit in your hammocks?
Generally any standard-sized backpacking pad (20″ or 25″ width) will work regardless of thickness and length, but in general the largest commercial camping pad that will be appropriate will be the size of the Exped downmat 9 LW, which is aprox. 77″x25″x3.5″.  Also keep in mind that in a hammock you need insulation only, no padding is needed so extra thick air mattresses are not necessary,  R-value and warmth are what are really important. Also keep in mind that if you are considering buying a new pad to use with one of our end-gathered hammocks (like the Blackbird or XLC), that an underquilt will be much more comfortable and a lot less hassle so you should seriously consider putting that money towards an underquilt instead.

What is the difference between the 1.1 and 1.7 fabric?
This number refers to the weight of the fabric only, the 1.7 fabric being a heavier, stronger, more durable fabric than the lighter 1.1 fabric. It does not refer to the weight or weight capacity of the hammock itself.  For instance a single layer 1.7 is made of the heavier more durable fabric, but since it is a single layer it is lighter than the double layer 1.1. So single layer vs. double layer has as much effect on hammock weight and weight capacity as fabric type does. All weight capacity and product weight info is listed in the collapsible product details boxes to the right of the product description.
For more information on which one is right for you, see our hammocking 101 page.

Which tarp do you recommend?
The Superfly is our best selling model because it is our “all season/all weather” tarp model. The main reason someone might select a different model tarp would be if they want to save pack weight in the warmer months when the Superlfy coverage is overkill for the conditions and weight savings is more desirable. Other than a little extra weight, there is no real downside to using the Superfly in warmer conditions. For information on choosing the right tarp for you, see our Tarps 101 page.

What is included with the tarps?
All of our tarp models come with a single-ended stuff sack included. If you don’t already have the following items, you’ll also need:
Guyline: Each spool of our line has 100’, which enough for all of the tie outs on any of our tarps. See our tarp set up video for lengths.
Tent Stakes: The Superfly requires a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 10. The Cloudburst, Mamajamba and Edge require a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 6. It is wise to always have a couple spares in case any get lost or bent.

Do you offer any discounts/coupon codes?
We do not currently offer group-specific discounts but we do offer multi-item rebates and discounted blemished items, which can be found on our sale page.

Do you have any retailers where I can test out your hammocks?
We have very few retailers in the USA, but we do have several in Europe currently, email us for their contact info. We also have a great return policy for anyone not sure that hammocks are right for them.

What is your return policy and warranty?
We offer a 60 day return policy on all of our products as well as a Lifetime warranty on defects in materials or craftsmanship. More information can be found on our returns page and warranty page.

Do you take PayPal?
We do not… unless you have the PayPal debit card, which works just like a normal Visa credit/debit card except the money comes out of your Paypal account instead of your bank account. If you like Paypal this is a great option and is accepted by most online vendors… even those that do not normally accept PayPal otherwise.

Do you ship internationally?
Yes, we do ship internationally via USPS. Import tax and fees may apply. The customer is responsible for those charges.

Do you physically make the products you sell?
All of our sewn products are made by us, right here in Colorado (with the exception of hats and t-shirts).

Do you have a lead time?
We sometimes have a short lead time on certain products. The length of the lead time will generally be listed at the top of the item description if there is one, if no lead time is listed then the order will normally ship out within one week or less. If you have some kind of deadline you can use the order notes section at checkout to let us know those details, and we will try our best to meet your deadline.

Where are you located and what are your hours?
We are located in Evergreen, CO about 20 minutes from west Denver. We are open 8-4 mountain time M-F.

Do you have any tips for new hangers?
Be sure to read any included instructions that come with your items and watch the appropriate setup videos on our website, both these will give you lots of tips and tricks and important info that will greatly shorten the learning curve and make your first few hangs much easier and more enjoyable.

If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at