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Product Description

Estimated lead time to ship:

Olive Brown 30D Silnylon: 1 week

Evergreen 30D Silnylon: 1 week

Olive Brown 20D Silpoly: 1 week

Evergreen 20d Silpoly: 1 week

Bushwack Camo 20D Silpoly: 1 week

For more information on choosing the right tarp and seam-sealing requirements check out our Tarps 101 page.

The Edge is our smallest, lightest tarp, it’s a great warm-weather/light 3-season tarp in the mountains, a solid 3-season tarp at lower elevations/warmer climates, and when paired with the Door-Kit it becomes a solid 3-season tarp or can even be used for winters in a milder climate. Weight-conscious hangers who hang year-round will often have the Edge for warm weather and the Superfly for cold weather. It’s not recommended for the Ridgerunner (unless also using the Spindrift or Undercover-Poncho) but is appropriate for the Blackbird, Blackbird XLC and Traveler hammocks. It’s wide enough to provide some wind protection and a little extra protected area outside the hammock. For instance if you want to sit on the ground next to the hammock and cook while still being covered you can.

Includes: 2 ridgeline tieouts, 4 main ground corner tieouts, stuffsac, and is Door-Kit compatible.  (note: “tieouts” refers to the guyline attachment points, not the guyline itself which is not included. Tent stakes, guyline, and Dutchware tarp hardware sold separately in our accessories section.)


We are currently offering tarps in both Polyester and Nylon options (camo print available in Polyester ONLY).  The Polyester fabric is more stretch resistant and has lower water absorption, while the Nylon is a stronger more durable fabric. Both are good options, weights are similar for each. Both fabrics have a minimum 2000mm hydrostatic head waterproof rating.

Check out the “Basic tarp setup” video on our video page.

28 reviews for Edge

  1. 4 out of 5

    I already own one Edge, and ordered this one for my son. Mine has the steel eyelets just in from each tie down to attach something else, and I was disappointed to notice the new one is missing those. So one star subtracted from an otherwise excellent product.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I just got back from three nights in the Georgia mountains. I pitched the Edge over my new XLC and, even though it rained and stormed–typical for the mountains–every evening, I was dry … not a leak, drip, splash anywhere. If you’re buying this tarp, watch the Warbonnet video on how to pitch it–even though you’re a long-term hammocker. I watched a few product review videos and nobody hangs it as easily and quiickly as the Warbonnet videos. It seems that everyone wants to throw up a center line and hang the tarp over it … don’t do that. Just hang the tarp with a couple of pieces of hardware on its on center-line. Much easier and quicker … and more secure in a wind. Thanks, Warbonnet, for a dry hang under the Edge.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Love the quality that comes from a product produced domestically by guys who obviously live and breath it. I’ve seen so many quality products originate domestically to be off-shored and watch the quality collapse. Hope WB keep things in CO where they belong. Keep up the good work.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Thanks Warbonnet!
    My edge tarp withstood 12 hours of 70+ mph gusts in the smokeys this week, and I’m grateful!
    It seems to be holding up very well in general, and does not have any tears (I have used it at least 30x now).
    I think if I could go back an do it again, I might buy a larger tarp (and add the couple of extra ounces of weight), because I am not very experienced with rain tarps and the edge leaves little room for user error- I have gotten wet a couple of times, but I believe this is because I did not hang it quite right.
    Excellent quality/craftsmanship

  5. 5 out of 5

    I recently purchased the Edge to serve as my summer weight tarp. I had been using a much larger tarp and was looking to save some weight. I’ll be the first to admit I was a little nervous about the smaller size so I took it out to the back yard for a test run last night.
    Set up like the video was quick and easy, only some small adjustments were needed to cover the WBBB XLC on both sides. Rain was coming so I hung the tarp fairly low, just a few inches above the ridge line.
    At first, I used trecking poles to keep the tarp in porch mode however this soon changed as severe thunderstorms popped up. Pitching the tarp in a steeper mode i craweld back into the hammock for a good nights sleep.
    At 3:00am I got a rude awakening when another and unexpected thunderstorm popped up throwing constant 30mph winds, branches, lawn furniture, and ladders at me for the next two hours.
    Not only did it hold and keep me dry, but when I got out after the storm to inspect the tarp for damage, i found a ladder that had been leaning beside a nearby tree was now leaning over the top of my tarp! The wind and rain was so loud, I never heard it fall over. Considering the ladder was resting where my head was, I sure am glad the tarp held.
    Anyways, after narrowly escaping the dumbest camping death in history I continued to inspect the tarp for damage. Not a single tear, strech, or loose thread.
    Excellant craftsmanship has made a fantastic product that I can trust in any conditions. Thanks guys, you’ve got a customer for life!

  6. 5 out of 5

    Have been using the Edge as my rainfly for over a year. My first rain fly was a home made sil-nilon tarp. Worked great, but gave it to a friend and upgraded to this when I decided to buy a Blackbird XLC (best decision in outdoor gear of my life). This fly has fantastic quality, is the perfect size and design for the blackbird, and has held up through some very intense storms while keeping me perfectly dry beneath its protection. One terrifying storm in particular really showed this tarp’s true colors. Winds had to have been well over 60 mph and there was torrential rain all day. I had to retie one of the side guylines to the stake, but after that she held strong through the whole storm. Love how clean and nice this tarp looks too; no wrinkles when pitched correctly. Oh, and did I mention how light the thing is? Great tarp!

  7. 5 out of 5

    Tarp is fantastic. Stood up to high winds and rain on the SHT with flying colors. Material seems very durable, and was accidentally prodded by a walking staff a couple times with no damage.

    This is a smaller tarp, and in a storm needs to be pitched close to the hammock. This is because it’s a small lightweight tarp, not a design flaw but intended to cut weight. Not in any way a negative, it just lowers the weight while still offering plenty of protection as long as you have some knowledge on how to pitch for different weather conditions.

    A wonderful product overall. I also emailed asking if he would ship it soon because I had a trip planned a couple days from then. Paid for 1-2 day shipping, and it was shipped about an hour after I sent the email and arrived the next day. Can’t speak highly enough of this company, it’s owner, and the products.

  8. 4 out of 5

    This is a very nice light weight tarp and pitches fast and taut. I’ve used it in high winds with no serious flapping. I would have given it five stars but for the center seam. Mine leaked after a few uses and could be caused by pitching it very tight and stressing the threads. A careful coating of seam sealer will cure the problem and I would recommend sealing it before you get wet. I would buy it again.

    • admin

      Generally the only issues with the Ridgeseam leaking are caused by running a ridge cord under that seam…We do not recommend that setup technique, the binding on the seam itself is more than strong enough to provide that support on it’s own.

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