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Product Description

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Travel Net:

The Travel net is a separate item bug net that attaches onto our Traveler hammocks turning them into a mosquito hammock, It fits any end-gathered hammock up to a 10’ body w/101” ridgeline length. We do not currently sell a Travel Net designed for an 11’ hammock, however the Travel Net can be used with 11’ hammocks if you get the LDC Travel Extenders, sold by 2QZQ for 20$ at  http://www.2qzqhammockhanger.com/hammockaccessories.html

Travel Sock:

The Travel sock is a large sack made of breathable fabric that the hammock hangs inside of. It’s identical to our Travel Net in design and dimensions and only differs in the fabric used. This is used mainly in cold weather to block more wind and increase inside temperature by around 15degF. It can be used with our Blackbird and Traveler series hammocks or any end-gathered hammock up to 10’ body w/101” ridgeline length. 

Travel Sock XL:

The Travel Sock XL is the same as our regular Travel sock but it is designed to fit hammocks up to 11′ and ridgelines up to 122″.

13 reviews for Blackbird & Traveler Accessories

  1. 5 out of 5

    I use the Net and Sock with the Traveler hammock. I have used the net extensively it works just as described and can be used as a bug net when ground sleeping. The sock does really add warmth it’s incredible but I’ve only used it in cool temperatures so far, I cannot wait for this winter. The sock can be used as a bivy just like the net you really only need to hang one end and steak out the other or figure some other situation out that’s similar when you cannot hang.

    The Net and Sock are individually very light, each are well made easy to add on or leave out for different trips or times of the year each of these are totally worth the purchase. I love my hammock setup.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I have both the traveler net and traveler sock i prefer not to use any net or covering at all but i like to carry something for a few just in case scenarios. The traveler sock is more versatile than the traveler net but for bug protection in hot weather the traveler net wins. On the other hand what i like best about the traveler sock is that it takes up a lot less pack volume than the net and can be used for so many purposes. I can carry a lighter tarp and lighter underquilt because of the rain cover and heat protection of the sock. Also it can be used for bug protection with no problem. I will definatly be taking the traveler sock with me on all my trips for now on especially since it packs down so small.

  3. 5 out of 5


    I got the newest version of the Warbonnet Travel Sock about a month or so ago. They may be found here:

    There is no more velcro-type material. It now has a simple slit at the ends that is held closed by the weight of the sock itself.

    I clipped it right to my cinch buckle of my WB Traveler Hammock with a small S-biner that I already had. It is perfect with just the right amount of tension to rest on my hammock’s ridge line. This is one of the huge benefits of getting all your components from one house –> it all fits like they were meant to be 🙂

    You can leave it connected to the hammock and pack everything in the large stuff sack that came with the sock. It appears that they meant to give you extra room in that sack in order to do so. You could thus store and put the thing up already “assembled” and simply hook in your UQ after set up. You do not need to thread your hammock’s suspension through the ends of the sock every single time you use it. In a way, it is also like a storage snake skin, or “pig”, because you [I]could[/I] leave all your sleeping gear/UQ assembled, zip it all up attached and within the Travel sock, and put it away like that.


    The simple crescent shaped zipper design is deceptive in that it works ridiculously well. It allows venting at the “top” or near your head to the “side” but still opens completely to essentially provide a half cover that is extremely open and provides near total sock-less access to your hammock – like there was no sock at all but with protection from the wind on one side.



    With the sock, I can get away with using a smaller overhead tarp or even a poncho. Aesthetically, I really appreciate how much less of a “visual footprint” a winter sock consumes as opposed to the large, exclusionary enclosure that large tarps commandeer. Using a winter/wind sock as opposed to a tarp (though they can be used together) is really like using a bivy bag or bed roll when on the ground.

    This is now a necessary part of my winter hammock gear.

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