Choosing the Right Camping Tarp Shelter:

The Minifly, Thunderfly and Mountainfly are 3 different variations of the same tarp design. The design incorporates unique small door flaps, a split beak of sorts, these door flaps provide a wind and weather block to the normally open and exposed ends of the tarp. Coverage is concentrated right up near the top where it’s needed to protect the ends of your hammock. In nice weather simply fold the door flaps back and clip them out of the way when they aren’t needed.

The Superfly is another of our most popular models, it is a large tarp with full length doors. It is considered a winter tarp and provides maximum coverage.

The Cloudburst is our 11’x10′ rectangle designed as a solid 3-season tarp for the Ridgerunner hammock, it’s panel pulls are spaced farther apart to correspond to the spreader bars of the RR.  Unlike the MJ and Superfly and Thunderfly, it features straight cut sides. The lack of a curve on the bottom edge and the rectangular shape gives this hammock rain fly a good bit more coverage over the Ridgerunner than the MJ does, especially at the ends. The Cloudburst can be used with any of our hammock models, and is door-kit compatible.

The Mamajamba is our old school hammock Hex tarp.

The Tsunami is our newest tarp model. Its massive size is large enough for many people to stand up inside of and it is available with a stovejack option to make it compatible with portable wood burning stoves and stovepipes. It’s the ultimate winter hammock camping shelter.

Door kits:

The Mamajamba, and Cloudburst have an available removable door-kit that can be added to the camping tarp shelter to provide lots of extra coverage at the ends of the A-frame. The door kit attaches via hooks and shockcord, and is useful for its versatility. You can to take them but leave them packed until needed, take doors for one end only just in case, turn the MJ or CB into a winter tarp, leave them home in the summer to save weight etc. It’s a good addition to your tarp if you want one tarp for all seasons, but still want to save some weight in the warmer months when doors aren’t needed.

Seam sealing:

Our hammock rain flies incorporate a polyester binding on the ridgeseam so the ridge does not need to be sealed, if your tarp has panel pulls you will want to follow the seam seal instructions for sealing the panel pulls. See our video section for our seam sealing tutorial.