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Ridgerunner Hammock

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Product Description

Patent No.: US D672,985 S

Estimated lead time to ship is 1-2 weeks

Have questions? like what is the difference between the different fabric weights? or double layer vs single? or what the best model is for your weight?  Check out our “Hammocking 101” page in our “Learn” section for answers to these questions and more.

Not sure the difference between the different suspension options? Check out our “Suspensions” video in our video section to see them in action

The Ridgerunner (RR) is our full-featured Bridge-style hammock. It fits a user up to 6’6″ and is made from breathable water-resistent fabric. Just like the Blackbird it can be used on the ground as a bug bivy, just make sure to use a groundcloth to protect the fabric. The netting unzips on 3 sides and stuffs into a storage pocket at the foot-end of the hammock. The RR has general purpose storage pockets on each side of the hammock which we call “saddlebags” , they hang on the outside of the hammock but are accessible from the inside without having to unzip the netting, they also remain fully functional when the netting is packed away. The RR is available in a single or double layer body just like the Blackbird to facilitate pad use or heavier individuals.

The Ridgerunner comes with your choice of suspension “Webbing/Buckles…A.K.A Adjustable webbing suspension, or “Whoopies with tree straps” Check out our video section and look for the video titled “Hammock Suspension Differences” to see both suspensions in action. Also, check out the “Ridge Runner setup” video in our video section.  Carabiners sold seperately in our Accessory section.

Need help determining which model is best for your bodyweight? See the Hammocks 101 section for more information. There are also detailed setup instructions in our Setup section.


73 reviews for Ridgerunner Hammock

  1. 5 out of 5

    I started with the Henessey hammock and I quickly decided that hammock camping was for me. However, there were things I thought should be improved. About a year later I came across Warbonnet and was immediately attracted to the RidgeRunner, but I opted for the BlackBird XLC because I’m a pretty big guy and I’m right at the rated limits of the RidgeRunner . To be sure it was an improvement but I still had knee pain from over extension. I didn’t order the

    Almost a year ago I ordered the RidgeRunner. This is the best hammock out there for me. I wake up in the mornings rested without the slightest hint of knee pain.

    I’ve now used the RR on three different extended trips and each time I am impressed with the quality and attention to detail. It’s worth every penny.

  2. 5 out of 5

    The hammock is great! All the stitching is straight and there’s small attention to detail everywhere. The side pocket are pretty handy and it’s very simple and quick to setup. Also Warbonnet has excellent customer service. I needed this hammock in just 2 weeks for a trip. I messaged them and put the order in. I received it well before my trip and with enough time to actually test it out beforehand! I’m very impressed and can’t wait for my trip to kick off.

  3. 5 out of 5

    Purchased in Nov 2014. I have used this hammock in a variety of conditions and terrains on overnighters, multiday trips and many hangs on the back porch. I have the double layer and use a pad slipped inside on most occasions. It has even been used in a bivy application with a tarp and a couple hiking poles. This hammock is not only versatile but, durable as well. I have yet to see any fray in stitching. The quality of construction is outstanding. I’m 5′ 11″ at 185lbs. Plenty of room and quite comfortable. This is a well-made piece of gear that should last decades. If your on the fence about bridge style hammocks, don;t be. Side sleeping is quite comfortable, stability is a non issue and the view …. AWESOME!

    I couldn’t be more satisfied with my purchase.

  4. 5 out of 5

    Comfortable hammock to lay pretty close to flat while sleeping (easy on the knees). I love the double layers to be able to slide a pad underneath. Great storage space in the sides to place important items that need quick reaching.

  5. 5 out of 5

    Taking a trip in the woods where I wanted to camp out- for a couple of days next month- I came to the conclusion that I needed a hammock because of the terrain and the fact that this area is noted for its above average rainfall. I love my spacious tent except for its weight and space it takes up in my backpack.
    I studied the reviews for hammocks and curiously found not one bad review for Warbonnet hammocks. Ordered the ridge runner and spindrift and received them around when I expected. When the postal guy handed it to me I thought to myself: wow this is light. Eager to try it out I set it up in the house. At first guilty about the money I spent on the hammock, after laying in it I changed my mind: it is worth every dollar I spent.
    For me, used to sleeping on the ground in a tent, or sometimes on an air mattress, this is luxury. A bridge hammock compared to a non bridge hammock is even more luxury; I kinda feel I am in my tent except this is so much more comfortable. I put the spindrift on it and decided I will probably leave it on since I got the one with the two doors and can still use the bug netting when needed . Ordered a Hennessy snake skin and found the hammock and spindrift go in it without too much trouble. Packs in my backpack well- quite pleased with that.
    I ordered the multicam and glad I spent the extra money- it looks cool. It will also blend in with the environment well.
    It is worth the two weeks wait because I feel this is carefully made- I mean every stitch.
    My next purchase will probably be the super fly tarp and after that an under quilt. At present since this is double layer I put in a therm-a-rest z-lite sol for insulation. I can take more cold than most people so that will do until I get an under quilt.
    My only thing is my wife is upset. I used two closet doors to hang the webbing. The closet doors were a little over fifteen foot distance. The hammock is quality but not the closet doors. Hey it was raining and I couldn’t wait.

  6. 5 out of 5

    My first time sleeping in a hammock was in RVN in 1969 and I have slept for hundreds of nights in many different kinds of hammocks. I slept in hammocks from RVN to Panama, Germany and 9 states. The Ridgerunner is br far the most comfortable . Thanks for a great nights sleep. Rick

  7. 5 out of 5

    I have always owned gathered end hammocks, in fact I own a Blackbird XLC and wanted to try something a little different. The Ridge Runner hammock completely exceeded all my expectations and converted me from a gathered end hammock lover to a bridge style hammock enthusiast. To see my complete video review of this hammock follow the link below to see my initial setup and review.


  8. 5 out of 5

    This is a very well made hammock. It is a little tippy when I sit up, which I understand is typical of bridge style hammocks. The built in bug next works flawlessly. I bought this hammock at the beginning of July 2015 and have been out with it all but one weekend since.

    I bought the double layer version and use a wool blanket inside in warmer weather. I have been using an under quilt now that it is getting colder. I think the double layer is a must have.

    I bought the whoopie suspension version.

    My only gripe is, they took the mitten hooks for the bug net and cut the loops off. They used the loops on the whoopie suspension to keep it from accidentally pulling through. Now I always have to flip the mitten hook around to orient it properly, to hook it on the ridge line. For a $200.00 dollar hammock, they could spend the extra 50 cents and give me 2 full mitten hooks. They could go to Joann Fabrics and buy 100 beads for $3.00 dollars for the whoopie slings.

    I would definitely buy this hammock again and would recommend it to others.

  9. 5 out of 5

    About 15 months ago I was waking up every morning with lower back and neck pain. Like the vast majority of people, I was sleeping in a bed and I was open to whatever would make me feel better. Since beds are so expensive, I looked for other options and somewhere I stumbled across a blog or article where the author wrote of sleeping in a hammock nightly and how much better he slept and felt when he awoke, so I decided to give it a try. I started by trying a couple parachute hammocks and found that my neck and back felt better but that I didn’t stay asleep or sleep as deeply because of the dreaded calf ridge that’s common to parachutes.

    I came across the Ridgerunner and I was impressed, but I was sold (and highly entertained!) by watching shugemery’s Youtube review (not sure if the link will stay but here it is: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=G3VZ8KtsYs8). It was love at first night and I’ve now slept in the hammock for about 12 of the last 13 months and I’ve only slept in a bed when traveling for the other month during that time. I still wake up sore when I sleep in a bed but feel pretty great after a night in this hammock. I used to sleep with the bottom of one foot against the inside of the other leg’s knee, which is not very comfortable in the RR but not being able to do it hasn’t bothered me. I sleep on my back and occasionally my side, both of which are quite comfortable.

    I’ve been asked how I mounted it, so I’ll describe that here too. I used 4 d-rings, 1 into the corner stud of each wall (2 at each end of the hammock), so the hammock runs between opposite corners of my BR and is tied off to ENO Atlas straps (which I like a lot too!) I wove the Atlas straps back and forth through the rings to make sure both rings at each end were bearing weight. I weigh about 180 so each ring and stud is carrying about 45 lbs. My BR is pretty big but I wish it was big enough to fit a stand that could run along a wall instead of running smack through the middle of the room. But it’s not the biggest deal as I just unclip one side and hang it all in the opposite corner when I need to break it down (which is infrequent.)

  10. 5 out of 5

    As with all of Warbonnet’s products, the RidgeRunner is extremely well made!! This hammock is very durable and very comfortable. This hammock with its spreader bars allows a very flat lay and very stable. I coupled this with a SF tarp and was very well protected and had a terrific night’s sleep. The saddle bags are a very nice touch!

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