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Ridgerunner Accessories

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The Spindrift is a hammock sock specifically designed for our Ridgerunner series of hammocks. It’s essentially a large sack of breathable fabric that the hammock hangs inside of.  It’s used mainly in cool to cold weather to block extra wind, and to increase inside temperatures by about 15° F.  It also adds alot of extra protection to the hammock allowing the use of a smaller tarp than otherwise would be needed.  The Spindrift itself is not a replacement for a tarp, but being made of lightweight breathable fabric (DWR) it will shed light rain and dry snow with ease, but for more moderate rain or wet snow you’d still need at least a small tarp.  The Spindrift is our most popular accessory for the Ridgerunner in all seasons other than summer.


The UCP is a fully waterproof under-cover for the bottom of the Ridgerunner.  It fits loosely,  hanging several inches below your underquilt.  This allows moisture to evaporate or pool in the bottom where it can be easily drained in the morning. Comes stock with a hood and does double-duty as your poncho. Made of our NeverMist(TM) Silnylon tarp fabric, the UCP provides alot of extra protection to the bottom and ends of the RR and is appropriate for 3-season use, the Spindrift is much better suited for winter conditions being less susceptible to condensation in sub-freezing conditions while providing a temperature boost while only 3oz heavier.

11 reviews for Ridgerunner Accessories

  1. 5 out of 5

    I reviewed the Warbonnet SpinDrift surrounding my RidgeRunner hammock between 14-22 degrees outside winter temperatures (see below YouTube link for video review). Unfortunately, there was no rain or hard wind in my test scenario in order to really stress-out the SpinDrift. However, it did perform very well by raising the inside temperature by 15-degrees vs. the outside temperature and this can be a real big deal in cold winter, spring, or fall mountain temperatures, especially if the wind is blowing hard and stealing critical heat. I can see using the Spindrift for any over-nighters going under say 45-degrees F, or with the potential of high winds. I also found the door openings well planned, designed, and positioned to make hammock entry and exit fairy easy.


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