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Lynx series Underquilts

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Product Description

Full Length Lynx: 2 weeks

Torso Length Lynx: 3-4 weeks

The Lynx is our series of underquilt designed for our Ridgerunner hammock, (It does NOT fit the BLackbird, the “Yeti” is designed to fit the Blackbird, the “Lynx” is designed for the Ridgrunner) it’s available in 3-season or winter weights, and is available in a torso-length or a full-length model. (see Yeti underquilt description for benefits of torso-length underquilts). The Lynx features a dual differential cut DWR 20 Denier ripstop nylon shell(Durable Water Repellency) and is filled with 850 Fill Power Hyper-Dry goose down that meets the new RSD certification (Responsible Down Certification).

Included: The Lynx comes with a stuffsac and everything needed for attachment.

For more basic info on underquilts,  see “Bottom Insulation 101

For setup instructions see “Lynx underquilt setup” in our video section.

13 reviews for Lynx series Underquilts

  1. 5 out of 5

    This is to follow-up on my earlier review. Up to that point I was able to use my Lynx (3 season) a few times, however the temperatures were not that cold. In the past couple of months I was able to get out with the quilt in temperatures that were more in the range it is rated for. The first time out it was in the high 20’s (F) and the quilt worked well. The second trip it was 23F at time I got in hammock and eventually went down to 10F. In the middle of the night I added a pad and was warm until I got up. At that time it was 18F, so in my book this quilt is good to 20F as stated. In fact, since it actually performed at the rated temperature, I ordered the 4 season quilt and can leave the pad home in the coming months. I continued to be impressed with the quality of WB gear.

  2. 5 out of 5

    I have been waiting to post this review until I actually used the UQ. I used it last night and it is phenomenal. This UQ couldn’t be easier to set up on the Ridge Runner Hammock. I didn’t have any cold spots, it packs down extremely small and the weight is minimal. For full review go to http://www.trekparents.com

  3. 4 out of 5

    I reviewed the Warbonnet Lynx 20-degree under quilt underneath my RidgeRunner hammock between 14-22 degrees outside winter temperatures Jan-2017 (see below YouTube link for video review). Although the Lynx seems compact, lightweight, and a quick install on the bottom of the hammock (all positives), I found it to be a little on the cold side regarding the area between my neck and lower back for its “20 degree” rating. I felt at the time of my test that a 25-degree lower end rating seemed more realistic. Granted, I was testing it at its lower temp limit so maybe I should cut it a little slack. If you will be down near 20 degrees or even slightly lower, you will definitely need to augment the Lynx under quilt with probably a 40″ x 22″ piece of blue foam laid perpendicular to your body in order to keep your back, shoulders, and elbows adequately warm. To be safe if it were me, and using the Lynx, I would always take the extra piece of foam pad for any trip temperatures that looked like they would dip under 30-degrees. Above 30-degrees, I would think the Lynx would work fine with no other “under” insulation needed.


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