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  • 3-season Yeti: black
  • 3-season Yeti: black
  • 3-season Yeti: black
  • 3-season Yeti: black

 Product Description


Current Lead time to ship yeti quilts is around 3 weeks on average,  we'll send a shipping notice at that time

Multicam Yetis are out of stock, we plan on having a replacement for Multicam this spring

The Yeti is our underquilt for end-gathered hammocks like our Blackbird, Blackbird XLC and Traveler series, but will also work on just about any end-gathered design. (It will NOT work on our Ridgerunner hammock, for that you need the Lynx)

The Yeti is a torso-length underquilt (40" wide by 46" long), covering roughly from shoulders to almost your knees, you'd then use a short leg pad under your legs in colder weather to achieve head to toe bottom insulation.

 There are a few benefits to breaking your bottom insulation up into two different components. First, many folks carrying a full-length underquilt still generally need to carry a short pad of some kind anyway, as you cannot throw your underquilt on the ground to sit on, so when the ground is rocky, cold, and wet you need a pad to sit on. You can slightly increase the size of this pad so it's long enough to insulate your legs from several inches above the knee to the heels, this allows you to cut alot of the weight and bulk from your underquilt resulting in an overall weight savings of 7-8 ounces compared to a full-length underquilt plus small sit pad.  In an emergency situation you can stack the Yeti and leg pad on top of eachother (the pad would go inside the hammock under your back or between the double layers, never put a pad between the underquilt and the hammock, doing so creates a bad fit resulting in heat loss). So if the temp unexpectedly drops below the rating of your underquilt, you can stack the underquilt and leg pad together adding at least 25 deg of extra warmth to the torso, then you'd just use something make-shift under the legs like your empty pack, raingear etc. A leg pad can also be useful in a situation where you cannot find any trees and must sleep on the ground, an underquilt is no good as bottom insulation in this type of situation, but you could put your leg pad under your torso and legs on an empty pack and have adequate bottom insulation in a go-to-ground situation. 

 The Yeti features a dual differential cut 30 Denier DWR ripstop nylon shell(Durable Water Resistence), and is overstuffed with 800 fill Activ-dry DWR goose down.

Included: The Yeti comes with a stuffsac and everything needed for attachment to a Warbonnet hammock.

 For setup instructions see "Yeti setup" in our video section. For more info on underquilts and links to high quality closed cell foam by the yard check out our "Bottom Insulation 101" section.

 Product Reviews

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  1. Nice and Snug

    Posted by Cody on 21st Feb 2015

    Just got done camping in 20 degrees F and in a sleet storm and I was snug as a bug other than my head but that's what hats are for. This compared to hammocking without an under quilt is night and day and it is so easy to attach and adjust if needed! Cannot wait to go back out and not having to fear freezing to death.

  2. Excellent Gear

    Posted by Mike on 19th Feb 2015

    Hung out on the river last weekend using my WBBB, 3 season UQ and 3 season regular TQ. Got down to 18 degrees and the wind blowing like crazy all night. I was wearing wool socks, firehose canvas pants, pull over sweatshirt with wool Boreal shirt, down cap and stayed warm all night. Could have been comfortable in even lower temperature if the wind hadnt blown. TQ is plenty long for 6', 210lb frame. WBBB is exceptional. Great gear. Worth the money.

  3. Light and Warm!!

    Posted by Kyle Milligan on 28th Jan 2015

    First cold weather camping trip and perfect opportunity to test the Yeti. Cozy and easy to adjust. No chance of CBS even with the high winds. Stayed tight to the body and never slipped out of position once. Craftsmanship is superb. There is nothing I would change. Keep up the good work!!

  4. 3.5 Degree Night

    Posted by Andrew N. on 10th Jan 2015

    Worked Great! perfect no... but i would say that user error is an issue. I am new to hammock camping and camping altogether.

    my technique for positioning is not adequate while in my hammock but if i hang my hammock correctly i can get it right before entry. I would like it if the shock cord bound less in the channels. could be the cold.

    The shock cord froze over night and I had to warm it with my hands to get it to contract but even then it was resistant. the shock cord on my hammock (xlc backbird) seemed fine.

    The DWR is only good for Humidity. I have noticed no issues with perspiration. if you where in a situation that rain could get to your yeti it will absorb water. you can smell the down as the humidity rises.

    My favorite part about the size is that its very easy to fluff out when setting up camp. i dont feel like i will hit any thing with it or drag it on the ground getting it dirty or ripped.

    I'm Confident that I can sleep in negative degrees. thanks to my WB gear.

  5. I didn't think hammock camping could get better

    Posted by Mark on 7th Jan 2015

    I transitioned to hammock camping about 3 years ago. It was so great for my back. Since that time, I have always used my old neolite air pad for bottom insulation. It worked fine...except I would get cols spots on the sides and where my feet always pushed against the side of the hammock.

    I have looked into under quilts for awhile now, but I was put off by all the perceived complications.
    - under quilt clips, hooks and innumerable other weird mounting contraptions
    - cold spots
    - tightening shock cords under your legs or head to close out drafts
    - extra weight
    - full length or 3\4
    ...and on and on...

    well...I have been 100% converted!

    I received the Yeti 3-season quilt as a Christmas gift ;) from my wife. The first time I went to set it up, I was anxious. I was done and in the hammock in about 30 seconds. Shock cord with knot around the head-on of the hammock, other end of shock cord around the other end. Shove hammock inside the now suspended under quilt and jump in. Pull it up to the top of your shoulders and wait about 15 seconds...ahh, toasty warm. Absolutely toasty warm at 26 degrees with a 20 degree top quilt and 1/8 in reflection pad under my legs inside the top quilt.

    Overall, I am incredibly excited about the switch to an under quilt.
    - very warm
    - improves the lay of the hammock greatly over my pad
    - 3/4 versus full is a personal decision, but I am very happy with it
    - not as complicated as I had assumed...adjusting to "fit" properly is instinctual...you really don't need rules or a guide. Your body tells you where to make changes and when.

    Why do I rate this particular product so high?
    - the setup CANNOT be made simpler or easier. No clips or anything...AWESOME!
    - the elastic ends snug up to your neck and legs perfectly...no cinch buckles or extra bungee cords or straps over the hammock.
    - the 3-season is a great balance of temperature range. I have been in it from 65 degrees to high 20's with no issue. I have only needed to vent the top quilt to control how hot it gets. Going to try the low teens tonight...we will see how that goes.
    - I was worried about the weight. Mine was at 13.2 oz first thing in the morning. I assume that included some condensation from the night before. This actually reduces my load by 6 oz as compared to my pad.
    - the quality is great...the stitching is nice. The fabrics feel wonderful.

    Overall, I couldn't be more pleased. If you are a pad user on the fence, fear not. Sleeping on an under quilt is more comfortable and easy to set up. I loath being without the pad if I have to go to ground, but I'll cross that bridge when I come to it. When you finally decide to go with an under quilt, I can't recommend the Yeti enough. The combination of the ease of use, weight and price can't be beat.

    Thanks you, Warbonnet!

  6. Awesome!

    Posted by Unknown on 24th Oct 2014

    I have been trying different ways to stay nice and warm while in the hammock and this is the way! It's light and helped me have the best sleep in a hammock yet! I'll recommend this underquilt every time!

  7. Well made, perfect fit, top quality

    Posted by mike on 6th Oct 2014

    I paired the standard length 20 degree Yeti with the WBBB XLC 1.1 double for a fall 5 day hike in the Bitteroots with temps down to the low 40's at night. Overall quality was top notch, it fit the XLC like a glove and would be quite capable of keeping me comfortable well below 20 degrees. Setup and installation were quick and easy and positioning was not an issue with the continuous shock corded attachment line. I was able to easily move the UQ to achieve optimum positioning. I am very happy with the Yeti UQ and highly recommend it.

  8. Slept well

    Posted by Bill (Pi) Murphy on 3rd Sep 2014

    Got a 3-season-yeti with an extra oz of "overfill". I don't quite know how cold the lowest temps were, I slept fine all night and saw frost in the shadows still the next day at 10am, so must have been pretty cold at night.

    Good product, light, very compressible.

    A little more down leak of stray feathers than other quits and sleeping bags I've had before, but nothing I'm concerned about. Would have to leak 10 fluffs per week for a long time before the down started to run out.

    I would buy this again without hesitation.

  9. Must be great...haven't been cold yeti !

    Posted by Paul Shepherd on 28th Jul 2014

    I graduated from a make-shift UQ (made from a non-down sleeping bag). I had the opportunity to use this UQ in 14C windy weather and it performed very well. My torso was so toasty warm, it made my lower legs feel colder than normal. No problem, I used a closed cell foam pad and problem was solved. I really like the size, weight, and performance of this UQ. The quality is excellent.

  10. Go with an underquilt

    Posted by Unknown on 14th Jul 2014

    A hammock is not complete until you have an underquilt, and this one is amazing. Takes about 10 seconds to put on/take off, and is instantly warm. Spent three nights with high wind and rain, and was warm as toast. The first night my friend was up all night running a fire, because he was a freezing "ground dweller" while I was so warm and toasty in my hammock that it did not even occur to me that he was cold.

    Buy one, it is worth it.

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