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  • 3-season Yeti: black
  • 3-season Yeti: black
  • 3-season Yeti: black
  • 3-season Yeti: black

 Product Description


Current Lead time to ship yeti underquilts is 2 weeks on average,  we'll send a shipping notice at that time

Multicam Yetis are no longer available

The Yeti is our underquilt for end-gathered hammocks like our Blackbird, Blackbird XLC and Traveler series, but will also work on just about any end-gathered design. (It will NOT work on our Ridgerunner hammock, for that you need the Lynx)

The Yeti is a torso-length underquilt (40" wide by 46" long), covering roughly from shoulders to almost your knees, you'd then use a short leg pad under your legs in colder weather to achieve head to toe bottom insulation.

 There are a few benefits to breaking your bottom insulation up into two different components. First, many folks carrying a full-length underquilt still generally need to carry a short pad of some kind anyway, as you cannot throw your underquilt on the ground to sit on, so when the ground is rocky, cold, and wet you need a pad to sit on. You can slightly increase the size of this pad so it's long enough to insulate your legs from several inches above the knee to the heels, this allows you to cut alot of the weight and bulk from your underquilt resulting in an overall weight savings of 7-8 ounces compared to a full-length underquilt plus small sit pad.  In an emergency situation you can stack the Yeti and leg pad on top of eachother (the pad would go inside the hammock under your back or between the double layers, never put a pad between the underquilt and the hammock, doing so creates a bad fit resulting in heat loss). So if the temp unexpectedly drops below the rating of your underquilt, you can stack the underquilt and leg pad together adding at least 25 deg of extra warmth to the torso, then you'd just use something make-shift under the legs like your empty pack, raingear etc. A leg pad can also be useful in a situation where you cannot find any trees and must sleep on the ground, an underquilt is no good as bottom insulation in this type of situation, but you could put your leg pad under your torso and legs on an empty pack and have adequate bottom insulation in a go-to-ground situation. 

 The Yeti features a dual differential cut 20 Denier DWR ripstop nylon shell(Durable Water Resistence), and is overstuffed with 800 fill Activ-dry DWR goose down.

Included: The Yeti comes with a stuffsac and everything needed for attachment to a Warbonnet hammock.

 For setup instructions see "Yeti setup" in our video section. For more info on underquilts and links to high quality closed cell foam by the yard check out our "Bottom Insulation 101" section.

 Product Reviews

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  1. Warmth and Portability

    Posted by Andrew on 31st Oct 2015

    I am 5'11 and use this with my Blackbird XLC hammock. It is just the right length to cover from my shoulders down just below my torso. There is a noticeable difference in warmth with and without the Yeti underneath. Also if you get too warm you can slide it up a little to let some of the heat out.

  2. Good stuff

    Posted by Paul on 1st Oct 2015

    I am new to under/top quilts, and so far have been very impressed and happy with the Yeti and Mamba combo that I purchased. The Yeti is easy to set up, adjust, light, compact, and warm. Looking forward to many years of use with my new WB system.

  3. Ohhhh, so much better!!!

    Posted by M. Ball on 3rd Sep 2015

    I was about to give up on hammock backpacking because of the frustrations of trying to use a pad inside. I finally ordered the Yeti, and it has made all the difference. It hugs the under-side of the hammock and provides warmth while allowing me to shift my position inside. The workmanship of the quilt is excellent and the design well thought-out. The Yeti is my new best friend!!

  4. Works great

    Posted by Steve on 7th Aug 2015

    This thing is so cool! I love that it's adjustable. I tried it for three nights this last week and it was great. While it wasn't really cold, it worked well in the upper 40s and I'm confident it can be used at much cooler temps. It's really amazing the difference you feel when it's pushed aside vs when it's under you. Plus, I like that I can control how warm I am just by moving it up higher. Worth every dime, can't wait to use it again next week.

  5. Easy & warm

    Posted by Unknown on 28th Jul 2015

    After freezing on the July 4th weekend in my blackbird I ordered a Yeti 3 season. I'd received it just in time for my next trip and boy was I glad. Not only did I not have to worry about my pad shifting around, but it was so easy to set up and I stayed toasty warm.

  6. works great

    Posted by Neal on 17th Jul 2015

    I bought a BB, MJ tarp and Yeti underquilt.
    Just returned from a 7 day trip in the High Sierra
    having never hammock backpacked before.
    The star of the show was the Yeti underquilt
    which made my nights toasty. I'd hang the hammock
    and adjust the yeti under it, string the tarp,
    throw my down sleeping (top) quilt in along
    with other incidentals onto the shelf
    and a small piece of pad to insulate my legs,
    slip into my hammock and feel the warmth
    after a long day of hiking.

  7. Lightest, Best Constructed UQ on the Market

    Posted by gbolt on 30th May 2015

    I'm no gram counter,, but I do consider weight in every decision I make. As I transitioned from ground to hammock, I compared sleeping bag weight to Top Quilt - Under Quilt wights, as well as temp ratings. The Yeti is the lightest on the market. What I was not prepared for was the thoughtful design and unique characteristics of the Yeti. It is asymetrical with the left corner curved differently so that it better matches the left shoulder and "rides" better under the body, at an angle, in the hammock. This is just one example of the craftsmanship that Brandon is know for. Many questioned the 2/3rd length; however, the same hikers never really worry about long pants in the cold and wear shorts. The Yeti is the perfect length and the savings in weight is tremendous. The bottom of the quilt reaches the back of my knees and again, "Rides" extremely well. Warbonnet Comfort, workmanship, and field service are winners!

  8. Originally skeptical, but I was pleasantly surprised!

    Posted by Jeff on 15th Apr 2015

    My friends and I got into hammock camping about a year ago, and one by one we have been spending the money to get underquilts. I have seen the Jacks R Better underquilt as well as hammock gear's and still made the decision to go with the Yeti. I wanted to see if I could manage with the 2/3 length quilt for 3 season before I invested in a winter Yeti. I was skeptical of the coverage as I am 6ft tall and weigh 240lbs. When the Yeti arrived I was very impressed with the look of it - it fluffed up beyond what I had expected after I followed the instructions sent with the quilt. The stuff sack is perfect for this quilt and is the same size as a nalgene, but a little bit longer.

    Last weekend I tried the Yeti for the first time. I have a Warbonnet Blackbird XLC with Whoopies, a cheap EMS 20 degree 600 fill down sleeping bag, and a thin ground pad that came with my Mountain Hardwear Summit Rocket pack. I spent one night with this setup - I used my bag as a top quilt, the pad extended from my lower back to the tip of me feet, and the Yeti. I have a wilderness Logics Tadpole tarp that I did not pitch low, so wind was getting under the hammock, and the temp went down to 33 degrees (actual temp). I was very warm and comfortable with this setup even with the wind going under my hammock. This leads me to believe that if I had the yeti 0 degree and the accompanying top quilt I would be fine in much colder temps. I am sure I could have gone even colder with the 3-season yeti.

    Overall I am very happy I went with the Yeti over other options - I am weight and space conscious and have seen what larger quilts take up in the pack. For the space and weight I feel like I am not even sacrificing anything with the smaller quilt. - I highly recommend the 3 season Yeti for anyone who is unsure or skeptical of the 2/3 length quilt.

  9. Nice and Snug

    Posted by Cody on 21st Feb 2015

    Just got done camping in 20 degrees F and in a sleet storm and I was snug as a bug other than my head but that's what hats are for. This compared to hammocking without an under quilt is night and day and it is so easy to attach and adjust if needed! Cannot wait to go back out and not having to fear freezing to death.

  10. Excellent Gear

    Posted by Mike on 19th Feb 2015

    Hung out on the river last weekend using my WBBB, 3 season UQ and 3 season regular TQ. Got down to 18 degrees and the wind blowing like crazy all night. I was wearing wool socks, firehose canvas pants, pull over sweatshirt with wool Boreal shirt, down cap and stayed warm all night. Could have been comfortable in even lower temperature if the wind hadnt blown. TQ is plenty long for 6', 210lb frame. WBBB is exceptional. Great gear. Worth the money.

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Yeti Underquilts